Friday, September 2, 2011

Thing 21: Mi Goreng Wars: Indomie vs Ibumie

While the debate rages on about who copied who in the Instant Noodle industry, I decided to find out what's the real difference between these 2 favorites.

First, a simple comparison of the noodles, texture and color doesn't differ much. Both were slightly darker on one side.

Then let's have a look at the spices that come with each, kicking off with Ibumie:
And then, we see an additional packet of dried onions/shallots in the Indomie package:
So what does all that amount to? Again let's look at Ibumie first:

and this is what came with the Indomie pack:

Quite evident, Ibumie seems to have a bit more oil wherelse Indomie is more generous with flavored black sauce. Which clearly shows in the end results below.

Ibumie's migoreng appears shinier thus good for presentation but lighter in color. The faint traces of red chilli powder also makes for a prettier look.

The Indomie noodles appear less glossy, slightly darker. Seen here with the fried onion/shallot garnishings, it does appear more appetizing to the folks who like it dark.

Finally, I tried both and felt that each had its own distinct taste. I must admit I was partial to Indomie due to the additional garnishing which made the noodles a bit more fragrant.

ok ok... you are right... I should have used all this time for a better purpose.... arghh... migoreng wars... what was i thinkin..


Julian Si said...

Bravo!! Nice comparison ;-)

So ... Ibumie is NOT Indomi right?!

Anonymous said...

Did you notice Indomie noodles is springy compared to hard tasting Ibumie after adding less water.

Anonymous said...

There is a lawsuit involved, for 7 years. And you may notice that the Indomie was missing from market for a period of time, til recent years.